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Here is the collation of stories and testimonials in the voice that matters the most to us - Our customers, fast-growing companies that believe in the power of conversations.

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Jess Gondolfo

Head of Marketing,

How Synup Closed 25% of Pipeline with a Conversational Strategy Specific to Multiple GTM Motions

Employee count: 250 - 500

Industry : Marketing

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Alison Vreeswyk
Director Revenue, Sortable

Our BDR team is leveraging Insent to get meetings booked. More than 50% of our opportunities were directly influenced by Insent in a month since implementation.

Lisa Bongiovanni
Co-founder, CleverFunnel Digital

From the first interaction, I knew we have the last chatbot we'd need. The integrations with SFDC, Hubspot and Slack are everything we need to get this fully adopted across my company (both sales and marketing).

Jenn Steele

My customers don't respond super well to bots, so the human-first methodology of Insent has been a game-changer. This is the ultimate website chat for an ABM shop.

Daniil krets
Former Sales Development Manager, Aduro

Insent is hands-on with it’s customers and kicks off it’s CS strategy with a 90-day plan that ensures customers are set up for success.

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