Increase Speed to Lead With Your Own MS Teams 2.0

Bring the combined power of Conversational Platform, CRM, Marketing Automation and IP Resolution Provider for better conversations and conversions.
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Instant Alerts Coming In Hot!

Get instant notifications directly to your desktop while your visitor is on your site. You get to alert the lead/account owner, multiple reps so that your team is always on top of every lead.

Routing Logic – As Strong as Steel, As Flexible as Rope

Secure the seamless handoff so that the right agent is available at the right time when your target account is live on your site. If your agent is busy, you also get to assign backup reps so that you don’t miss any opportunity.

Get the Complete Profile of Your Visitor, on MS Teams.

Learn all about your visitor and gather the right information before you start a conversation. Whether it’s their user persona, company profile or previous interactions, use context to tailor your messages and close deals faster.

Bring On Your A-Game When Conversing

You get to sculpt each word with all the love in the world. But you also get to build replies and save them for later. That way when it is show-time, you are firing bullets at lightning speed.

Play the Most Powerful Card of All Without Paying a Price

Enlist the help of your team when in doubt by just tagging them on a thread, even if they don’t have their Insent account. We believe no one should pay a price for asking for help, yes?

Find All the CRM Power Moves Within Teams

Create new leads or update existing ones directly from Insent chat and see the real-time reflection in your CRM and MAP. It’s the bi-way integration your sales team needs.

Wrap It Up and Put a Bow on It, All Within Chat

End of the conversation on a positive note. Want to know how the visitor felt? Get feedback, iterate and improve the quality of your conversation.

Ready to chat & convert faster with Insent?

15% increase in
Net-new leads

30% shortened