Salesforce + Insent = The Power Pact between your Marketing and Sales Team

Real-time Hand-offs. Real-time Context Transfer. And Real-time Conversions.
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Act When Your Existing Leads Are on Your Site

Insent will immediately identify your Salesforce contacts on your website and alert your team based on your routing configuration rules. That includes alerting the account owner, a specific channel in your Slack or MS Teams, round robin the entire BDR team, or even one dedicated rep

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Value Prospects

Skip the web forms and follow-ups and instead alert the appropriate Salesforce Account Owner immediately when your target account is active on your site. Have your team convert prospects using conversations by giving your value prospects the fast lane to sales - all based on your Salesforce configuration.

Guide Your Salesforce Leads and Contacts Through Personalized Flows

Enable your sales team with the right context to personalize your visitor’s experience with targeted conversations using Salesforce fields that will have them wanting more. Control the conversation flow and target the right audience using Salesforce attributes such as email, first name, country and past website behaviour to direct them down the right path. Say no more to generic messaging.

Build Full Funnel Campaigns to Maximize Conversions

Access engagement metrics, campaign membership data, and account-level insights from Salesforce into one complete account view alongside Insent’s platform. With this intel, personalize one-on-one conversations for engaged buyers.

Bring Salesforce Actions into Insent for Better Operations

Generate new leads and contacts from Insent’s chat platform directly into Salesforce without the need for multiple tabs. Map and prioritize Salesforce fields such as email, company and last name to keep your CRM updated with the latest and most contextual lead information. Spend less time on the nitty gritty details and more time converting your hottest accounts.

Track Progress and Maintain Perfect Records

If it's not in Salesforce, did it actually happen? All conversations will be stamped in Salesforce under the appropriate contract and account, along with any new enriched and captured data. Leverage this information to track the impact of these conversations on pipeline and revenue.

Ready to Chat & Convert Faster with Insent?

15% increase in
Net-new leads

30% shortened