Increase Speed to Lead by Bringing Your Prospects and Target Accounts on Your Website to Your Slack

Smarter Operations. Better conversations and conversions.

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Instant Alerts Coming in Hot!

Get instant notifications directly to your desktop while your visitor is on your site. You get to alert multiple reps, an entire channel and even set back-ups so that your team never misses a lead again.

Routing Logic - as Strong as Steel, as Flexible as Rope

Secure the seamless handoff so that the right agent is available at the right time when your target account is live on your site.

Whozat on Your Website?

Learn all about your visitor with information such as their company profile and user persona or their previous interactions and/or chat history before you start a conversation. Use context to tailor your messages to fit their needs and close deals faster.

Quick Replies for the Sales Ninjas on Your Team

You get to sculpt each word with all the love in the world. But you also get to build replies and save them for later. That way when it is show-time, you are firing bullets at lightning speed.

New-age Marketing Leaders Love Insent!

Jenn Steele, CRO, ORSNN

I love that the chat persists when prospects surf the site, that it uses my internal account mappings to correctly route conversations (super key when an AE owns an account in a delicate stage), and that I can write complex scenarios to ensure that things simply get handled.

Alison Vreeswyk, Director Revenue, Sortable

We're now seeing a direct influence of Insent conversation to opportunities. While we weren't able to see any influence with Drift, Insent is impacting 50% of our opportunities in a month since implementation.

Lisa Bongiovanni, Co-founder, CleverFunnel Digital

The integrations with SFDC and Hubspot and Slack are everything we need to get this fully adopted across my company (both sales and marketing). The branching logic to given custom pathways for visitors (we have a diverse set of target audiences), is the best I've seen in any chatbot to date!

Bring in Your Comrades With Zero Complications

Enlist the help of your team when in doubt by just tagging them on a thread, even if they don’t have their Insent account. We should not pay a price for asking help, do you agree?

Bring on the Magic of Your CRM and MAP From Insent

Create new leads or update existing ones directly from Insent chat and see the real-time reflection in your CRM and MAP. It’s the bi-way integration your sales team needs.

Did Someone Say Customer Support?

Bring in your customer support platforms to amplify the visitor’s requests. Create your Zendesk tickets to let the visitor create one themselves.

Feedback is the Key to Building Better Conversations 

Want to know how your conversation went with your visitor? Get feedback, iterate and improve the quality of your conversation.

Ready to chat & convert faster with Insent?

15% increase in
Net-new leads

30% shortened