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Insent for Live Chat

Start conversations with your qualified website visitors in real-time

Your website’s conversion rates could use a big lift with Live Chat

Start seeing results by identifying your most engaged buyers on site and starting conversations with them around the clock.


Increase In

Conversion Rate


Increase In Early-stage

Sales Development


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Closing Deals

Your buyers don’t need to wait to talk to you anymore.

A Live Chat that balances
human-first conversations with automation

Speak to Buyers Live On Site (Office Hours)

Make the most of your sales teams’ time in the office by connecting them to qualified buyers who visit your website. You no longer need to wait for buyers to fill out a form on your website to talk to sales. It can happen now, while they’re researching on site.

  • Build a target audience directly in Insent or leverage our powerful integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Marketo to build lists that target your most engaged buyers.
  • Route your visitors in real-time to their appropriate sales representatives to start those sales conversations.
  • Notify your sales team when their target accounts arrive on your website so they can proactively initiate conversations on site.

Generate Leads and Book Meetings with Chatbots (24/7)

Automate chat conversations on behalf of your team while they’re away or out of office. Insent extends the power of live chat to offline hours so you can continue generating leads and booking meetings so don’t miss another sales opportunity.

  • Create chat templates for multiple use cases (like converting anonymous visitors into leads or booking a meeting with an engaged buyer) when your office is closed or teams are busy.
  • Access chat reporting to see how your live conversations and chatbots are performing to make improvements and tweaks to templates.
  • A/B test your chatbot greeting messages to optimize chat conversion rates.

What makes Insent’s Live Chat the top choice for you?

Regular Live Chat

Restricted hours of the day

Mostly used for customer support

Reactive approach to connecting with customers

Insent’s Live Chat

On-demand, and when the team is out of office, chatbots can book meetings for them.

Used for marketing, sales, and revenue generation

Proactive approach to connecting with prospects and customers while they’re engaged.

Start chatting with them today

You’re one click away from talking to your visitors, prospects, and customers in real-time—all while they’re thinking about you.