Qualify & Engage

Know who's actually qualified and ready to chat.

Insent does real-time lead qualification, so you know who you should talk to.

Give your sales team what they want most:

A way to prioritize and connect with their most sales-ready prospects

The chance to book meetings and talk to those exact people

So, how does this work?

You will build the parameters for lead qualification, such as demographic and behavioral criteria.

Think of this as your MQL criteria. When is your prospect ready to talk?

Now when that highly engaged person returns to your website, Insent will leverage the integration with your marketing and sales technology stack to identify them in real-time.

Within seconds, your lead is qualified and Insent alerts your sales reps to open a one-on-one channel to engage them on-site.

Your sales reps can strike up a conversation right then and there, moving one step closer to closing deals.

Less time qualifying and more time selling

Our lead generation features give your sales team more time to build relationships with future customers instead of trying to prospect those who aren’t ready to talk.