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Plug Salesforce into Insent

Convert more prospects on site through personalized,
one-on-one conversations that are driven by your Salesforce data.

Route qualified buyers on your website to sales and power live conversations

Instead of web forms and follow-ups, connect your hottest leads on site to your sales team instantly—and do so based on your Salesforce configuration.


Create new leads, trigger new marketing workflows and influence more pipeline—all in Salesforce.

No more generic conversation starters to engage buyers on site

You can leverage the power of Insent’s integration with Salesforce to meet your most engaged accounts…

And unlock relevant conversations...

Route and notify about who’s on site

Prospects who chat are 82% more likely to convert than non-chatters.

Insent will immediately identify your Salesforce contacts who visit your site, and once they start engaging in a conversation, you can configure advanced routing systems. That includes alerting the account owner, a specific channel in your Slack or MS Teams, round robin the entire BDR team, or even one dedicated rep. It’s all based on how your sales organization is structured.

Full account-view alongside chat

83% of marketers say creating personalized content is their biggest challenge, so here’s how you can enable your sales team to personalize one-on-one conversations for engaged buyers. Access engagement metrics, campaign membership data, and account-level insights from Salesforce into one complete account view alongside’s chat platform. No more switching between screens to gather intel on your prospects.

Track conversations and impact

If its not in Salesforce, did it actually happen?
All of our sales reps' conversations will be stamped in Salesforce under the appropriate contract and account, along with any new encriched and captured data. Leverage this information to track the impact of these conversations on pipeline and revenue,

Start using Insent with
Salesforce in your messaging

Our lead generation features give your sales team more time to build relationships with future customers instead of trying to prospect those who aren’t ready to talk.